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aWHERE Media is

- experience with both new technology and digital media

- detail oriented and organized

- passion for creating culture

- wanting to make a difference in the world

- passionate for the community 

- driven and hungry to help others

- always wanting to learn new things

 - team players

- enjoy collaboration


David Nudelman, is founder of aWHERE Media. His main mission is to connect people with their dreams and show them things are possible through hardwork, teamwork and dreamwork.


Mr. Nudelman is an entrepreneur, artist & marketing professional with close to 10 years of experience in creative, production and high pressure settings. 


Mr. Nudelman holds a degree Bachelor of Arts in Publication Design from the College of Staten Island. He most recently got certifications from Google in Ecommerce Anayltics, Tag Manager, Online Marketing & Analytics. He is currently on the path to receive his Digital Marketing Certificate program through Duke University. Among his

professional accomplishments, in 2015 he was awarded Innovator of the Year by JRTM, Dreamers Guild Award by The Future Project and Emerging Artist Award by Historic Tappen Park as part of Projectivity. He has a track record of turning visions into realities.


Mr. Nudelman has mentored youth at The Gerard Carter Center, Projectivity & The Future Project in the last year and has provided mentoring to dozens of artists in New York City arts scene. Mr. Nudelman currently serves as a partner at Projectivity Group and head of operations at lifestyle company Stereotype Co. He mixes dreaming, taking actions and working hard towards results.


Eric G a.k.a. Sharpy is a screen printing, sticker making, artist and designer specializing in print and production. Graduated from FIT with an Associates Degree in Communication Design and a Bachelor's Degree in Packaging Design. He has a true understanding of visual communication and the knowledge and skill to produce successful solutions.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Mission Statement

Once I followed my first dream of recording, producing and writing an entire album I became addicted to following dreams. This led me to founding a fashion brand that has grown into a community of positive people around the world. People and businesses began to ask me to help them do the same. I got so inspired I launched aWHERE Media as a platform to help people dream & do. Let's create something.

My approach—no matter the project—is to treat every project like it was my own. 

Let's make history.





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